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Buddhismauthor Julia Hardy; reviewed by Jacob Kinnard

Confucianismauthor Jeffrey Richey;

Christianity: author Beth Davies-Stofka; reviewed by David Buschart

Eastern Orthodoxauthor Beth Davies-Stofka; reviewed by Michael Hryniuk

Protestantauthor Ted Vial; reviewed by David Buschart

Anglicanism/Episcopalianism: author Russell Dawn; reviewed by Charles Allen

Baptistauthor David Buschart; reviewed by Earl Waggoner 

Holiness/Pentecostal:  author Arlene Sanchez Walsh; reviewed by Roger E. Olson

Lutheranauthor Ted Vial; reviewed by David Buschart

Methodistauthor Ted Vial; reviewed by David Buschart

Reformed/Presbyterianauthor Ted Vial; reviewed by Warner Bailey

Mormonismauthor Stephen Taysom; reviewed by Richard Bushman

Roman Catholicismauthor Christopher Bellitto [Origins, Historical], Cynthia Stewart [Beliefs, Ritual, Ethics]; reviewed by Timothy Muldoon

Hinduismauthor Jacob Kinnard; reviewed by James Egge

ISKCONauthor Benjamin Zeller; reviewed by Burke Rochford

Islamauthor Beth Davies-Stofka [Origins, Historical, Beliefs, Ritual], Mohammad Fadel [Ethics]; reviewed by Kathryn Kueny, al-Husein N. Madhany

Sunniauthor Nancy Khalek; reviewed by Anna Akasoy

Judaismauthor Marc Krell [Origins, Historical, Beliefs], Allan Nadler [Ritual, Ethics]; reviewed by Ann Millin

New Age: author Benjamin Zeller; reviewed by Chas S. Clifton

Pagan: author Carl McColman; reviewed by Chas S. Clifton

Scientologyauthor J. Gordon Melton; reviewed by James Lewis

Taoismauthor Julia Hardy; reviewed by Andrew (Zhonghu) Yan

Zenauthor Julia Hardy; reviewed by Joseph Walser