By Mirlande Jeanlouis

What if your closest friends were angels from Heaven? For one Irish mystic, that has been the truth since birth. Lorna Byrne describes a life filled with heavenly beings in her book Angels in My Hair, which has spent many weeks atop the bestseller lists of the United Kingdom and Ireland.

In her memoir, Byrne lays bare her experiences of modest beginnings in rural Ireland and living in a marriage that she knew would be cut brief by illness. All the while, she believes angels are guiding her and others in her life to live to their full potential. Interestingly, though parts of Byrne's story are sad, the main message is hope rather than "Believe me I am telling the truth!"

So with an open mind, and your guardian angel reading beside you, here is Busted Halo's conversation with modern-day mystic Lorna Byrne, on faith, Ireland, and of course, angels.

For the American audience that isn't familiar with your story, could you give us a small synopsis of what you can see and how you can see it?

Well, I've seen angels since the moment I opened my eyes. I don't know any time that I haven't. And every human being that I have seen in my whole life has a guardian angel, because I see them every day. I would see something about three steps behind people. It is like a beam of light and when that beam of light opens up is when I am allowed to see the guardian angel.

So you walk into a room with one or two people. What does that room look like to you, as opposed to someone who doesn't see angels?

So I walk into a room and there are a few people there, I would see everything they see, first. But along with that I see the light of their guardian angel and if that light opens up I will see their guardian angel. And I would see other angels, too. Sometimes I would see that their guardian angel allows in other angels and the soul of someone that died that was close to that person. Sometimes I would see the soul or what some people might call the spirit. But that is only a fraction of what I see. Sometimes the angels say to me -- I wouldn't go over to the person but they might say to me -- that this person is sick. And they might actually show me what is wrong. The human body would light up. If there is something wrong with their bones, the bones would come up as fluorescent tubes.

I am glad you mention that because in the book there is a physical aspect to what you can see in other people. It goes beyond seeing angels. Why do you think you can see where someone is sick?


It's just a gift God has given me. God and the angels have taught me how to use it. The only thing I can say to you is that I don't know why God chose me and not you or someone else.

How often do you see angels? Is it all day or are there certain days you don't see anything?

Every single day. I just see all the light and the energy. Now, as I look through a window I see bushes and trees and all that is around and I also see the energy from them. At times it's like a flash. Flashes of light come out of a bush or a tree. And I think that is because of what's happening with the plant itself.

Does it ever hurt or is it ever painful to see angels?