The Universe is the original and ultimate 'open source'. Its supplies are unlimited and available to those who know how to access them. That is what has always made Witches unique. They know and they can feel threads of energy within the fabric of the Universe that others do not. They are not surprised when what they have on their psychic 'wish list' comes their way. Although sometimes the delicious and creative 'way' that these spells/projections travel astounds even them.

In her weekly phone call with her mother-in-law yesterday, Wren and Georgia were just chatting about family stuff when Georgia -- literally out of the blue and without any mundane knowledge of Wren's current post-it notes on the Universal bulletin board -- asked Wren if she by any chance could use some -- yep, you guessed it -- red leather! It 'happened to be' that someone had just given her an entire cowhide of red leather (Chuckle. That's Wren's fault. She didn't specify the size of the leather piece that she was looking for!) and that she had taken it not because she had any use for it herself but because she figured that maybe 'somebody' else would. Uh-huh. And, oh, by the way, Georgia continued, would Wren 'just happen' to have any use for a staple gun or some pinking shears as well?

Wren, who is still a very patient and a very practical Witch, has seen some pretty amazing things in her lifetime. Some of them, such as the physical healings of friends and family, are the very big things that we often concentrate upon. But it is in the small mundane things of Life where the Universe really shows itself to be truly available to us. And it is in the small things where we come to realize that the Universe has a vested interest in all areas of human activity. Life is as interested in the small things as it is in the large things. We need only to remember that, to ask for them and to then believe that we will receive them.

So, does magick really work? Well, make up your own mind, but Wren is willing to bet her sweet new pair of pinking shears that it does!


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