"This book plunges you full-on into a holy conspiracy, a top-secret mission of courageous love and liberation. May it inspire all of us to subvert injustice everywhere we see it."
—Shane Claiborne, author, activist and compiler of Common Prayer

"Walker creates a vivid picture of the people involved in modern-day slavery . . . God in a Brothel is different from other books that cover similar territory because of Walker's unique perspective from his years battling the sex trade. His sacrifices for the cause are an important reminder forthose who feel called to join the fight against slavery. Despite his deep wounds . . . He calls the reader to 'come alive with a passion for justice and a hatred of evil' and dreams the Church would rise up to thwart impediments to freedom and justice wherever they exist."
Relevant Magazine, September/October 2011

"[Walker's] struggles with the seductions of a sinful underground world, and his anguish over failed attempts to free women and children, make for compelling reading."
—Elissa Cooper, Christianity Today, September 2011

"God in a Brothel is a gritty, frighteningly graphic memoir about one man's journey to use his faith, vocation, and humanity to help women and children who couldn't help themselves. . . . Walker's memoir forces readers to open their eyes. He rescued many and watched as others slipped away, but his account urges Christians to join him, to leave their comfy church pews and take their message to those who need it most."
—Kaavonia Hinton, ForeWord, Sep-Oct 2011

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