A person celebrating life is a beautiful being, indeed.

The counter protesters came out for a different reason. They were there because they felt like their "rights" were being attacked. Theirs was a defensive reaction which manifested itself in a desperate fear. They looked and behaved like angry, trapped animals with teeth bearing and spittle flying; hardly an example of wholesome beauty. Their faces betrayed the evil that is abortion. Abortion is hateful violence toward the most innocent of life and those who support abortion support hate, violence, and evil. They are inwardly ugly people; the inner-ugly distorted their outward appearances.

Even when the pro-abortion advocates were not taunting and yelling at the crowds they were less attractive than the pro-life marchers. Frankly, the women in the pro-abortion camp looked trashy. It comes from that lack of wholesomeness that I am speaking about. They did not look like wholesome girls a young man would take home to meet his parents.

I will never forget the one woman I met on Monday. She was there wearing an "I had an abortion" t-shirt. She said her abortion was 26 years ago and it was the best thing she'd ever done. Can you image living as long as she has and the only grand achievement she can claim for herself was having an abortion two and half decades ago? She even remembered she was 40 days gestation at the time she terminated her pregnancy. Someone who is unaffected by something does not remember those types of details. Despite her forced smile and false enthusiasm for abortion, it was plain to see her pain. That pain also has a way of physically altering our appearance as well.

While many of the pro-abortion supporters we saw looked angry, they also look deeply hurt. This hurt clouds the eyes and deepens the frown. It is a hollow look that is the complete opposite of glowing joy and beauty.

So yes, pro-life people are prettier.