These words, so eloquently issued by our President four years ago, are particularly poignant now. The rift that lies between the ways in which religious and non-religious people consider politics has not closed in the years since he delivered this speech; it has widened considerably. This is not to mention the way in which his testimony as offered in the beginning of the speech should serve as a helpful reminder for that obscene percentage of Americans who seems to have forgotten that he is, in fact, a serious and committed Christian.

Thus, the answer to one of the questions that prompted this conversation, what are the healthy ways of mixing politics and religion, finds its answer, for me, in the consistent words and practice of our President, repeated even as recently as Tuesday. However unlikely I thought it was that the man who delivered these words would eventually assume the presidency, I take great comfort in remembering amongst the accusations that he is socialist or a Muslim, that our Christian president understands the complexity and is up to the challenge of mixing politics and religion.

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