William's marriage is of huge symbolic importance to England, and his "May Queen" will be carefully scrutinized. Queen Elizabeth was raised to represent the heart and soul of the land; Diana Spencer had to learn that, and Kate Middleton is now charged with the same task of becoming. Kate, being a commoner, represents that bridge between royalty and land itself. She will have to rise to the occasion just as William will have to make the monarchy more relevant to modern Britain, playing out the symbolism of the earth and sun bending toward each other. Kate, now a maiden-like May Queen, will mature into a Mother of the Land. She will have to bear heirs, to take up duties and causes for her country, and be a living symbol of a fruitful England in all of her activities. She is taking upon herself a mantle of mythic proportions and intense pressure.

Yet the couple seems up to the challenges they face. They're confident and mature, even impressing the Archbishop of Canterbury:

I've been very struck by the way in which William and Catherine have approached this great event. They've thought through what they want for themselves, but also what they want to say. They've had a very simple, very direct picture of what really matters about this event. I think that they have a clear sense of what they believe they're responsible to. They're responsible to the whole society; responsible to God for their relationship. And I think it's impressive that they've had that simplicity about it, they've known what matters, what's at the heart of all this . . . because I think they are deeply unpretentious people.

William and Kate show none of the awkward timidity of Charles and Diana prior to their wedding. They are comfortable in declaring their love and taking on the challenge of a wedding the world will be watching. Like the God and Goddess of Wiccan mythos, like the earth and sun themselves, they seem ready to usher in a season of fruitful abundance, knowing a harvest will one day come. They are taking on ancient roles, mythic mantles of responsibility, with grace and candor. In a world rocked by recession, revolution, and political unrest, this is a must needed symbol of hope.

This Beltaine may not only be a time to celebrate a "fairytale wedding," but to invest in a hopeful mythic truth. The winter is past, the fallow season fallen away, the timid spring sprung, and we governing, squabbling humans will join with the land, making its thriving abundance our own.