Those who are pro-abortion think that we pro-lifers are busybodies who should mind our own business. I am passionately pro-life because it is personal to me—I myself was advised to "terminate" a pregnancy; people I love have felt social pressures due to their choice for life—but also because I simply believe that choosing life is right and because I am a person of faith. That is why I am involved and peacefully praying in front of abortion centers.

Over the years, several friends have shared their abortion stories with me; they reveal themselves unexpectedly, and I am always surprised that they feel they can confide in me, but thankful and humbled by their trust. Often these conversations happen when you least expect it, and sometimes the abortion took place many years ago, but the pain is obviously still there. Some women try to move on—to tuck their abortion far away in the back of the mind, but it never leaves. Only a couple of months ago, a friend spoke to me of an abortion she'd had twenty-five years ago, and I still could hear the sadness in her voice. I can't remember how the subject even came up, but even after all that time it was still such a part of her that she needed to talk about it. I have listened to, held and cried with so many friends. I always tell them that God's love for them and his divine mercy is beyond our human comprehension.

Being pro-life is not about being a busybody or about being judgmental; it is about being compassionate. It is about not only trying to save the life of a baby, but also saving the parents from the pain that can come back sometimes years later when they regret the decision that was—so often—made under pressure and during a very emotional and difficult time.

Thankfully, there are many organizations and caring people who are out there to help. Just the other day I listened to a radio program about homes that provide a place to live, and help for women in a crisis pregnancy who don't know where to turn. They can be found at They provide a loving family environment, and tools to help women to get their lives back on track.

For post-abortion healing, we have heard from several men and women who have been greatly helped by groups like Rachel's Vineyard, and many are speaking out through Silent No More. I also know of birth parents who felt that the best thing for them, and most loving thing they could do for their child, was to make a plan for adoption. This is a beautiful and selfless gift to both their child and a couple desperately looking for a baby to love.

Either way, life is served over death. New life brings new love, and God is love.