The "divine economy" is Church-speak for what is most easily defined as the work of the Trinity throughout history. It is the Godhead's initiation and movement in creation, and the divine governing of it. It is everything God does in the vast thing we call "God's Plan." The divine economy concerns the salvation of persons and the world, and a final, ultimate, cosmic, beyond-what-our-brains-can-fathom, entering in union with the Trinity.

The Trinity does what the Trinity is: the triune God of Love invites human persons to union with itself, and provides the means for that to happen via Christ and the Church. As the members of the Trinity are inseparable as divine persons, so, too, is their work inseparable from one another. This also means that the work of Christ is inseparable from the Church to which He is permanently wed.

Looking to the Church's wisdom and graces can assist our growth in the love and knowledge of the Trinity, that one day we, too, may be numbered among the saints in glory.

O my God, Trinity whom I adore, help me forget myself entirely so to establish myself in you, unmovable and peaceful as if my soul were already in eternity. May nothing be able to trouble my peace or make me leave you, O my unchanging God, but may each minute bring me more deeply into your mystery! Grant my soul peace. Make it your heaven, your beloved dwelling and the place of your rest. May I never abandon you there, but may I be there, whole and entire, completely vigilant in my faith, entirely adoring, and wholly given over to your creative action. (Prayer of Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity)