David Horowitz

David Horowitz

David Horowitz is the founder of the David Horowitz Freedom Center—a foundation that "combats the efforts of the radical left and its Islamist allies to destroy American values"—and author of numerous books, including Unholy Alliance: Radical Islam and the American Left.

A self-proclaimed political Zionist, Horowitz stated at a lecture in Brooklyn College that "if you want to know what real religious and gender apartheid is, just look at the entire Muslim Middle East, and not Israel." Horowitz has accused numerous Islamic organizations, including the national Muslim Students Association and the Islamic Society of North America, of being "hate organizations" and "fronts for the Muslim Brotherhood."

Horowitz has been outspoken about his opposition to reparations for slavery and his criticisms of educators who support liberal views, even writing a book titled The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America. Among his numerous critics include journalist Chip Berlet and activist Tim Wise who have accused Horowitz of blatant racism, with Berlet calling Horowitz's Freedom Center an "array of right-wing foundations and think tanks supporting efforts to make bigoted and discredited ideas respectable."