Mohamed: Of course, I get to know more about Mormonism and Christianity in general. I find out that all religions (Islam, Christian...) have the same objectives and different ways to get there. Furthermore, I think we need to move away from division, and focus more on our common points.

Do you feel that the passion or completeness of your faith has diminished since marriage?

Sylvia:  Not really. He is very consistent about reminding me to keep my church responsibilities!

Mohamed:  Yes, I feel that I understand more about what others believe and I respect them even though we disagree.

Do you feel your partner supports you in your faith journey?

: Absolutely!

Mohamed: She does. I greatly appreciate her support during the holy month. She tries to fast some days even she breaks the fast at 2 p.m.

And on the other side of the coin, do you feel pressured by your partner to conform to his/her faith?

: No.

Mohamed: No, I enjoy sharing my beliefs with others.

What other wisdom and stories would you like to share from your experience in an interfaith marriage?

Sylvia:  I always tell people that marriage is challenging regardless of the religious backgrounds. I also point out that there are many enabling factors in our relationship that help us, like the fact that neither of us grew up in orthodox religious households. 

Sylvia Cabus is originally from the Philippines and grew up in California. She works as an analyst with an international development consulting firm. Mohamed Ahammam is originally from Ouarzazate Province in Morocco, and is an MBA student at Trinity University in Washington D.C.   

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