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Exploring My Religion

Patheos is pleased to partner with Exploring My Religion to provide surveys where you can learn about your own spirituality and religious beliefs and practices, while also contributing to scientific research. Exploring My Religion is run by a group of professors, graduate students, and researchers at Boston University.

Our aim is to understand how our "spiritual minds" work. By filling out a few of our surveys, you'll help us do just that. In exchange, we will give you an instant report on how you scored on each quiz or survey! We'll show you how your responses compare to others and we'll tell you what that might say about you. By participating in our surveys, you will explore your own spirituality and find out about the spiritual attitudes and religious practices of other people at the same time.

So please join us! Register and then begin exploring your religion. Registration takes just a couple of minutes, and it will allow us to hold your scores for you so that you may return at any time and continue to build up your "spirituality profile." Exploring My Religion is a non-profit academic venture and you can read more about the project by clicking ABOUT below.