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Monthly Astrological Forecast: Sagittarius

November 2013 Overview

Out of the Shadows
Sagittarius November Horoscope
by Jeff Jawer

This is a transitional month, when spending time completing unfinished business will free you to start on your next big adventure. The recurring Uranus-Pluto square on Nov. 1 can leave you questioning a previous financial decision, but looking back with regret is not your style.

Nevertheless, an intense Scorpio Solar Eclipse on Nov. 3 may force you to confront issues you don't want to face. This eclipse occurs in your 12th House of Endings and joins sobering Saturn, pushing you up against uncomfortable realities. However, if you're willing to do the hard work of honestly addressing your doubts and tackling your obligations, you can build an inner strength that carries you far into the future.

Managing your resources carefully is the message of value-conscious Venus' entry into stingy Capricorn and your 2nd House of Self-Worth on Nov. 5. Exercising financial discipline, investing in the right tools and developing your talents pays dividends if you're patient and persistent.

Your visionary ruling planet, Jupiter, turns retrograde on Nov. 7, requiring reflection and readjustment of long-range plans. While the big picture may be fuzzy, communicative Mercury's forward shift on Nov. 10 is great for catching up on details during the days ahead.

Spiritual Neptune's direct shift in your 4th House of Roots on Nov. 13 revives old dreams and brings more imagination into your household. However, you still must handle mundane matters and deal with boring routines with the steadfast Taurus Full Moon illuminating your 6th House of Work on Nov. 17.

On Nov. 21, the Sun emerges from the shadows of your 12th House of Endings and enters your enthusiastic sign. A boost of energy and optimism comes with this solar shift into your 1st House of Personality, where your effervescent charisma and confidence cast you in the spotlight for everyone to admire. —


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Astrology Commentary

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I {Barely} Survived Barre Class

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