It seems that it all boils down to the desire for power. If any of us had the ultimate answer on how to deal with that drive, we'd be among the greatest philosopher statesmen of all time. But we may have a clue. It has to do with energy.

Energy lies at the root of everything. Energy is power, both of the natural and economic kind. Dozens of nations got together to build a giant particle collider in Switzerland to explore the mysteries of the subatomic world. Why can't they cooperate to find a source of free or cheap universal energy?

We don't need to resort to statist forms of government like socialism and communism, but this is the single entitlement that one could validly argue is owed to the human community. If such energy were available to all people and nations, then let they could use that resource to create wealth and prosperity in their own unique ways. That would undercut national competition for resources in large measure.

So what's the best answer for world peace?

Everything begins with the individual and taking individual responsibility. This means not blaming others for our circumstances and not projecting our fears and shortcomings on to others. Consciousness is the only long-term solution, a raising of consciousness promoting the truth that we are one at the levels of our true spiritual origin. Demonstrating this consciousness in art, media, and entertainment is a beginning.

In my book, Pope Annalisa, the first female pope faces all the questions we've spoken about so far. By the example of her courage and sacrifice, she shows the people of the world that they must rise above their governments and stop an impending holocaust by demonstrating the power of ideals and the individual consciousness where those ideals begin. She shows we are not alone, that the divine provides eternal images and archetypes to help us if we can become conscious of them. Then we see a pattern to life and our place in that pattern that leads us toward the good, toward the realization that our actions can align with higher states of being.