Spiritual people should dispel the naïve notion that money is bad or the root of all evil. Love of money, or the soul focus of making money is the real source of error. So, in other words, we need to exemplify balance. There's nothing spiritual about poverty. Statist, utopian forms of government such as socialism and communism have caused more deaths and poverty than any other forms of power and all under the name of equality.

The highest form of spirituality is not to make everyone the same. That just creates a vacuum of human potential that glorifies mind-dulling conformity, and places a power hungry class of bureaucrats as the new elite. The highest form of spirituality to rise as high as you can in your given field and then give back, not because society says you should but because you know in your heart that helping others is the good for the spirit.

How can spiritually inclined people best move forward in forging peace in the world?

A good way for spiritual or religious people to help is to work with like-minded people on a two-pronged approach. First, help train other people to achieve their own inner peace. Secondly work within the messy framework of what the world is while promoting worthy ideals like freedom, education, personal responsibility, personal development, while recognizing that we need viable, strong economies for people to live in the best they can.

We need to identify people on the "opposing" side who really want peace. Everyone will talk about peace but not everyone truly wants it because they have an agenda that ultimately profits through lack of peace. Governments have such agendas, so people-to-people outreach is best. Finally we have to recognize that sometimes peace must come through force as it had to do to end Nazism. But spiritual traditions tell us that thoughts are things, and if many people throughout the world focus their thought on a unified concept of peace, it does have an effect. We need to be practical and metaphysical to achieve any kind of meaningful peace.