I don't have all the answers. I'd like to see this issue addressed, though, by people wiser than I, particularly within the Synod. Women in the pews are understandably cautious. We're unsure about which things are acceptable to talk about, and which things should stay strictly between husband and wife.

Is it okay to occasionally use a double entendre and throw a wink in the direction of our girlfriends when we talk about this area of marriage, or does that devalue everything?

Can we share, among ourselves, things that have helped the sexual-love aspect of our unions, or must we stay quiet?

What about our sexual struggles? Does discussing them openly dishonor our husbands? If so, where do we go with our issues? If not, where do we start?

And finally, how do we share the good news that is married sex?

For my part, with the approval of a theologian and the blessing of my husband, I hit the "publish" button and released my eBook, Spice Up Your Marriage, into the wilds of Amazon, but admittedly feeling anxious about the response I'd receive.

Guess what? While it's true that I have gotten some criticism, it has been dwarfed by the overwhelmingly positive response. Messages of gratitude and tales of healing have flooded my inbox.

I share this only to offer it as evidence of a need, one that needs to be openly, faithfully, and continually addressed as pastorally as possible and with the participation of the laity. Catholics need to hear a choir of faithful voices insist, "Married couples, the Church wants you to have good sex! Delicious, life-giving, satisfying sex!"