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Holy Week

by James Faulconer

Jesus' death on the cross and his resurrection are the ultimate symbolic enactment of the Christian life: death to sin in the service of others; newness of life in kairotic time.

Holy Week Meditations: Opening to the Complexity

by David Henson

Blogger David Henson offers a series of fresh and contemporary meditations on the tragic and spectacular events of Holy Week, from Maundy Thursday to Bright Monday.

Passion/Palm Sunday: Reflections on Isaiah 50:4-9

by John Holbert

In this less-preached text related to Passion Sunday, the preacher should focus on the actions of the servant in order to help the hearers deepen their portrait of the one they have come to call Christ.

Bracing for "The Week That Was"

by Deacon Greg Kandra

We find the work of Lent culminating in the worry and wonder of Holy Week; seven days that shook the world, which trembles still.

Palm Sunday: Looking at Jesus and Mary and Ourselves

by Marcia Morrissey

A childhood fascination with the suffering images of Jesus and his mother, Mary, feeds the Lenten meditations leading up to Palm Sunday. Where are you in the picture?

A Whole Holy Week

by Elizabeth Nordquist

The iconic moment for me comes in John 13, this gospel’s account of the last supper Jesus has with is disciples, the one that our Christian traditions celebrate as Maundy Thursday.

The Stations of the Cross: A Devotional Guide for Lent and Holy Week

by Mark D. Roberts

Reflections on the traditional fourteen stations of the cross.


Living through Holy Saturday

by Bruce Epperly

After the shock of death, or words that bring despair ("cancer," "divorce," "we're eliminating your position"), we begin living the "what next?"

Scandal of Evil: No Match for the Cross of Christ

by Pat Gohn

As Lent winds down and we anticipate the Easter Triduum, there is only one answer in wrestling down some of the fundamental questions of good and evil.

Clean Feet: A Maundy Thursday Meditation on John 13:1-7

by Alyce McKenzie

This text is not about watching Jesus put his hands on somebody else's feet. It's about letting Jesus put his hands on our feet.

Holy Saturday: The Space Between

by Christine Valters Paintner

Much of our lives rest in the space between loss and hope. Our lives are full of Holy Saturday experiences.

Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist

by Brant Pitre

Bible scholar Brant Pitre explores the ancient Hebrew traditions to unlock the original meaning of the Last Supper in his book "Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist."


He Is Risen, Indeed

by Sam Alexander

I don't know what happened on Easter morning and frankly, I don't care. What "happened" means far less to me than the story itself.

God's Good and Steadfast Love: Reflections on the Easter Psalms

by John Holbert

To add immeasurably to the discussion of Easter Day, I would suggest that the preacher turn to the psalms, the Bible's quintessential book of celebration.

Ready or Not: Reflections on the Unexpected Easter

by Alyce McKenzie

According to John's story, Christ rises in the dark. Christ rises for everyone. Easter is precisely for those who are not ready for it.

The Easter Sunrise of My New Life

by Marcia Morrissey

Imagine waking up in time to see the sunrise at Easter, and receiving the news of your chance at a new life. Now imagine it's about your spirit, not your body!

An Ironic Ending

by Mark Roberts

At the empty tomb, God used ordinary people—not heralds, not heroes, not kings—to deliver a message that would change the world.

The Peculiar Task of Preaching on Easter

by Mark Roberts

Easter preaching is unusual. Why? What difference does this make for preachers?

Seven Lessons for Easter from Exodus

by Rosalynde Welch

A fortuitous encounter with the Old Testament has brought me surprising new perspectives on Easter.


The Resurrection of Jesus: Physical/Bodily or Spiritual/Mystical?

by Marcus Borg

What would it mean to say that the risen Jesus is a physical/bodily reality? That he continues to be a molecular, protoplasmic, corpuscular being existing somewhere? Does that make any sense?

Celebrating Resurrection

by Bruce Epperly

Resurrection is not a violation of the cause and effect laws of nature, but a revelation of the deeper energetic realities of life.

Seeing the World through Resurrection Eyes

by Greg Garrett

Do we really believe in the risen Christ? And if we do -- or don't -- how does that change us?

Are Resurrection Records Reliable?

by Gary Habermas

Secular scholars had long argued that the tales of Jesus' resurrection must have taken shape over many years.Here’s the argument that changed the conversation.

The Honesty of the Empty Tomb

by Tim Muldoon

The death and resurrection of God is a mystery so impossible it can only be true. Disbelieving and broken humans needed it to happen so we could know that there is hope beyond suffering.

Discovering a Living Resurrection

by Meg Riley

Ultimately, it was not in church or reading scripture that I witnessed and came to understand the resurrection. It was in the lives of the gathered people.

Is the Resurrection for Real?

a Theoblogger Challenge

In our modern scientific world, does belief in a Resurrection make sense? Read what some of our favorite "theobloggers" had to say.

Why I Need the Resurrection

a Theoblogger Challenge

As Christians everywhere begin the journey toward Easter morning, we invited a dozen bloggers to share their reflections on why we need the Resurrection.

Why Believe in the Resurrection of Jesus?

by N.T. Wright

One of the world's foremost New Testament scholars summarizes the reasons why he believes that Jesus of Nazareth was raised from the dead.