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General Perspectives

In Exile Together A Dialogue of FaithIn Exile Together: A Dialogue of Faith
An interview with Reb Zalman
A leading spiritual elder talks about his journey of faith and his explorations of other religious traditions.

Three Faiths, Three Friends
By Amy Frykholm
For Rabbi Ted Falcon, Pastor Don Mackenzie, and Brother Jamal Rahman, formal and informal interfaith meetings have led to deep friendships.

Transformation in a Globalized WorldTransformation in a Globalized World
An interview of William E. Lesher
The Chair of the Board of Trustees for the Council for a Parliament of the World's Religions reflects on religion in the 21st century.

Why Interfaith Dialogue is UrgentWhy Interfaith Dialogue is Urgent
By Rev. Marcus Braybrooke
Increasingly, we are seeing that our differences can enrich our understanding of God, whose glory transcends all our words and doctrines.

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Catholic Perspectives

Dialogue Begins with HospitalityDialogue Begins with Hospitality
By Linh Hoang
Interfaith relations in the 21st-century needs hospitality, especially when crossing borders usually results in an encounter with different faiths.

The Wrong and Right Kinds of Interreligious DialogueThe Wrong and Right Kinds of Interreligous Dialogue
By Tim Muldoon
Interreligious dialogue acknowledges the vast difficulty of encountering a deeply passionate religious other...


Evangelical Perspectives

Demonizing Muslims A Christian TraditionDemonizing Muslims: A Christian Tradition
By Thomas Kidd
American Christians have long regarded Islam as flawed and violent, even demonic.

Mormon Evangelical DialogueMormon-Evangelical Dialogue
By Craig Blomberg
Have the seeds been planted deeply enough in good soil so that fruit will inevitably flourish that actually changes the face of either Mormonism or Evangelicalism?

As Iron Sharpens IronAs Iron Sharpens Iron: Comparative Theology Today
By Benjamin B. DeVan
If all truth is God’s truth and has its source in the Holy Spirit, we must be free to explore it.


Jewish Perspectives

Interfaith Panel Wrestles with Troubling TextsInterfaith Panel Wrestles with Troubling Text
By Amy Klein
Various faith leaders gather to discuss difficult ideas and writings from within their traditions.

Respect is a Two-Way StreetRespect is a Two-Way Street
By Jonathan S. Tobin
Jews should not tell Catholics what to say in their prayers.


Progressive Christian Perspectives

Friends in FaithFriends in Faith
By Corbin Tobey-Davis
The movement for more understanding amongst world religions has to begin with youth.

By Jim Burklo
Every time I learn something new about other faiths, I learn more about my own.


Mormon Perspectives

Apologetics and DialogueApologetics and Dialogue
By Roger Keller
My fundamental problem with apologetics is that it tends to breed contention. Dialogue, however, can lead to growth.

Interfaith Dialogue as a Struggle for IdentityInterfaith Dialogue as a Struggle for Identity
By Seth Rogers
Interfaith dialogue is a dynamic and changing struggle for self-definition.


Muslim Perspectives

Speaking for PeaceSpeaking for Peace: Muslims and Jews in Dialogue
By Jonathan Partridge
Jews and Muslims have been in conversation -- albeit not always with the intention of listening to one another -- since the days of Mohammed.

Muslim & Christian Leaders Seek Agenda for ChangeMuslim & Christian Leaders Seek a Global Agenda for Change
By John L. Esposito
If religion has too often been part of the problem, it must also be part of the solution.


Pagan Perspectives

Pagan Involvement in the Interfaith MovementPagan Involvement in the Interfaith Movement
By Grove Harris
Our motive is to present accurate information to counter misunderstanding, prejudice, and discrimination.

Pagans in Interfaith DialoguePagans in Interfaith Dialogue
By Donald H. Frew
The message that many alternative groups, whether new or old, have gotten is that "interfaith tolerance" means "The more you're like us, the more we'll tolerate you."