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At the end of October, the Patheos Public Square featured articles and related media on Religion and Sports. We have grouped these articles into this Topic page, for your convenience.


Faith of an Olympian

The Faith of an Olympian

An Interview of Samantha Peszek

What's faith like on the floor of the Olympic Games? Television audiences often see gymnasts praying.

Anchor and a Purpose

An Anchor and a Purpose

An Interview with Stephen McCain

"Gymnastics gave me an anchor and a purpose. It was like a miniature faith for me." An interview on faith and sports with an Olympic gymnast.

Body Mind and Soul

Body, Mind and Soul

By Zaakir Yoonas

Spirituality may help athletes in coping with the challenges of competition.

Fighting Faith

Fighting Faith

By Anthea Butler

The race for acceptance and acknowledgment begins with the recognition that at times, faith and political action go hand in hand.

Buddhist Perspectives


In the Zone



In The Zone: The Zen of Sports

By Andrew Cooper

Mystics and poets aren't the only people who experience the transcendent.


No Real Winners

No Real Winners

By Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche

Winning and losing is a mug's game. All gain ends in loss anyway, and trying to achieve victory over others is unpleasant and delusional.

Catholic Perspectives

Sport is Life

Sport is Life

By Tim Muldoon

Athletes inspire us to strive to imagine ourselves anew, to reach for goals...

Finding Religion in Sports

Finding Religion in Sports

By Father Frank Berna

What can sports teach us about worship?

Evangelical Perspectives

The Big God of Eric Liddell

The Big God of Eric Liddell

By Stuart Weir

Eric Liddell put God before King and refused to run on the Sabbath.  He won a gold anyway and became a hero to million.

From Partying to Prayer

From Partying to Prayer

By Mariano Rivera

Now I'm able to keep everything in perspective, because I know that following Christ is the most important thing in life.

God on the Gridiron

God on the Gridiron

An Interview of Nick Harris

A punter for the Detroit Lions tells the incredible story of how he became an NFL player and how God showed His faithfulness even in the midst of a terrible losing season.

Jewish Perspectives

Champion of Judaism

Champion of Judaism

By Elad Nehora

Meet Alan Veingrad. Offensive lineman. Green Bay Packer. Dallas Cowboy. Champion. A Super Bowl star discovers his Jewish heritage.

From Ellis Island to Shooting Hoops

From Ellis Island to Shooting Hoops

By Peter Ephross

Jewish immigrants took to basketball with fervor.

Mainline Protestant Perspectives

Physical vs Spiritual

Physical vs. Spiritual

By Judith Rock

Without physicality, we have no ability to perceive or know anything, including all that we call "spiritual."

Baseball A Spiritual Reminiscence

Baseball: A Spiritual Reminiscence

By Tex Sample

An exclusive excerpt from the book The Faith of 50 Million: Baseball, Religion and American Culture.

Mormon Perspectives

Football and a Missionary Focus

Football and a Missionary Focus

By Marc Bohn

Does the BYU football program have a spiritual mission? 

Ruminitions on a Sacred Cow Sports and War

Ruminations on a Sacred Cow: Sports & War

By Alan Keele

Do competitive and violent sports have anything to do with military conflict? Perhaps... 

Muslim Perspectives

Ruminitions on a Sacred Cow Sports and War

The Deadly Burqini

By Shabana Mir

A young Muslim woman is denied entry to a public pool because of her body-covering swimsuit, a "burqini," and authorities insist that it has nothing to do with Islam.

Islam and Womens Sports

Islam and Women's Sports

 By Gertrud Pfister

More and more Muslim women are taking up sports, and Tehran is setting an example.

Pagan Perspectives

Magick's Arrow

Magick's Arrow

By Wren Walker

Pagans who regularly engage in a sport know that the difference between sports psychology and magickal psychology is mainly in terminology only.

Paganism Olympics Lore

The Virtue of Paganism: Olympics Lore

By Patheos Team

The early Christian church condemned Roman sport because it was easy virtue.