Snowpiercer vs. The Giver


I wouldn’t begrudge anyone who thinks the films Snowpiercer and The Giver have as much in common as an elephant and a plum, but I have been thinking about the two in conjunction recently. [Read more...]

Heaven is for Real


1More Film Blog is giving away a free DVD of Heaven is For Real to one lucky reader. [Read more...]

Before Midnight (Linklater, 2013)

before midnight

The fatalism imbuing the characters and the film is certainly representative of what many couples feel in middle-age, a period in which there are as many or more choices behind them as awaiting them and where the quality of a relationship is influenced as much by the fruit of past decisions as the pleasurable contemplation of future ones. [Read more...]

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit — Now Available on DVD

Chris Pine as Jack Ryan

The new Jack Ryan doesn’t so much have greatness thrust upon him as shoved down his—and our—throat. [Read more...]

Veronica Mars Giveaway — Win a Free DVD

Hey readers, were you as excited about the Veronica Mars movie as I was? Have you seen the film yet? Check out my review at Christianity Today for my take on the film. 1More Film Blog is happy to partner with Warner Brothers to award a free DVD of the movie to a lucky reader. [Read More...]

Macky Alston Interview

“God’s Mandate is to Love One Another” [Read more...]