Mirror Mirror (Singh, 2012)


But Mirror Mirror has Julia Roberts in it, so it must be a Julia Roberts movie. I like Julia Roberts. I found her charming in Notting Hill and I respect her work in other places. I think, however, her persona is wrong for the material. Her evil queen has neither the icy malevolence to be truly scary, nor the whiff of desperation to be at all sympathetic. [Read more...]

Big Miracle (Kwapis, 2012)


Big Miracle is the kind of film you dread getting assigned to write about as a film critic, you go to by yourself because none of your friends will join you, you growl through the first half, and then you walk out smiling and when a snickering colleague asks you how bad it was say somewhat sheepishly, “Actually, I kinda, sorta, enjoyed it.” [Read more...]

Red Tails (Hemingway, 2012)


Red Tails is an earnest, straight forward, somewhat generic, but easily likable war-action movie that will probably be both overpraised and overcritized due to it being produced by George Lucas. [Read more...]

The Rum Diary (Robinson, 2011)


To say that Bruce Robinson’s The Rum Diary was an unfocused mess would be implying that it left me with some sort of feeling after leaving the theater. [Read more...]

The Thing ( van Heijningen, Jr., 2011)


I don’t say that it was a poorly conceived or executed horror film. It certainly seemed competent and, for all I know, it may very well be more skillfully done than most horror films. I just mean that I found it more disgusting than scary. [Read more...]

Courageous (Kendrick,2011)


I thought I was going to get away without having to write anything about Alex Kendrick’s Courageous, a film which is admittedly hard for me to be fair to at least in part because I’m not really the intended audience. [Read more...]