Thor (Branagh, 2011)

I didn’t hate Thor. I didn’t, I didn’t, I didn’t. [Read more...]

Soul Surfer (McNamara, 2011)


UPDATE: A podcast on Soul Surfer at The Thin Place. [Read more...]

Battle Los Angeles (Liebesman, 2011)


The title credits of Battle Los Angeles, which I always thought were the ultimate authority in such matters, does not have the colon. [Read more...]

The Adjustment Bureau (Nolfi, 2011)


The biggest flaw of The Adjustment Bureau may be that its negatives are so easily articulable. [Read more...]

No Strings Attached (Reitman, 2011)


I don’t feel too grinch-like in saying I didn’t believe the film since the film doesn’t really believe itself. [Read more...]

Country Strong (Feste, 2010)


The religion stuff is a red herring, though, I know. It wouldn’t bother me if I was focused on the story or if I could see these characters as realistic people with actual human flaws. [Read more...]