Prometheus (Scott, 2012)

Prometheus’s biggest problem is not a lack of ambition, but of execution. The film is at no loss for ideas, but it can’t really pause to catch its breath long enough to develop any of them. [Read more…]

U.N. Me (Horowitz and Goff, 2009)

U.N. Me describes scandal after scandal with a relentless dullness and surprisingly glib attitude. [Read more…]

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (Madden, 2011)

I’ve often said I would pay to watch Tom Wilkinson or Judi Dench read the phone book. I’m just not sure how I feel about watching them remake The Breakfast Club. [Read more…]

Blue Like Jazz and other Podcasts

I have been busy podcasting over at Film Geek Radio. New episodes include discussions with Todd C. Truffin about Blue Like Jazz, Primary Colors, and Love Free or Die. [Read more…]

Big Boys Gone Bananas!* (Gertten, 2012)

Big Boys Gone Bananas!*, aside from having the distinction of the hardest title in awhile to spell correctly, is the kind of film of which every documentary film festival needs at least one. It’s not exactly a feel good story, but it is a feel better story. [Read more…]

Love Free or Die (Alston, 2012)

Nobody has ever hated me the way Christians have hated me. [Read more…]