Cannibal (Cuenca, 2013)


Much as with George Sluizer’s The Vanishing–another horrific film that I can’t quite understand why anyone esteems–I find that Cannibal’s stylish beauty doubles rather than mitigates the repulsion I feel at the film’s lack of humanity. If you aren’t going to tell me anything true, at least don’t try to trick me into thinking it’s not ugly. [Read more...]

Honour (Khan, 2014)


The United Nations estimated in 2000 that there are approximately 5,000 honor killings each year. Can a movie adequately address the horror of knowing your family wants you dead? [Read more...]

Before Midnight (Linklater, 2013)

before midnight

The fatalism imbuing the characters and the film is certainly representative of what many couples feel in middle-age, a period in which there are as many or more choices behind them as awaiting them and where the quality of a relationship is influenced as much by the fruit of past decisions as the pleasurable contemplation of future ones. [Read more...]

Earth to Echo (Green 2014)

Earth To Echo

A sweet, fun movie that will please everyone except the boomers who will want to insist their sweet, fun movies were better [Read more...]

The Thin Place #46: Violence in The Edge of Tomorrow


Back after a hiatus, Ken and Todd discuss Doug Liman’s sci-fi film, The Edge of Tomorrow. Why is the way violence is represented in the film particularly disturbing? Are we intended to laugh at it? And why does Todd say the movie reminded him of watching someone play a video game? [Read more...]

22 Jump Street (Lord & Miller, 2014)

Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum in 22 Jump Street

For now, I’ll will just say that my defense of 22 Jump Street is nearly identical to my defense of Moms’ Night Out. You can make a list as long as my arm of things wrong with the movie, and I won’t disagree. But I laughed. [Read more...]