Farewell to Hollywood (Corra and Nicholson, 2015)

Reggie Nicholson, in "Farewell to Hollywood"

This documentary about the relationship between a filmmaker and his dying young protégée is both troubling and inspiring, but never boring. [Read more...]

Out of the Dark (Quílez, 2014)


Either Out of the Dark had the misfortune to be released too soon in the wake of The Babadook or–more likely–horror films in general are a bit too formulaic for my taste. [Read more...]

Beyond the Mask (Burns, 2015)


Who doesn’t like a good redemption arc? [Read more...]

As It is in Heaven (Overbay, 2014)

Chris Nelson as David, in "As It is in Heaven"

With his debut feature, director Joshua Overbay has created an intriguing story of a tiny cult, prompting consideration of the continuum uniting acceptable religion and fringe groups. [Read more...]

Hoovey (McNamara, 2015)


Hoovey is the sort of film about which a youth pastor or sleep-over-host parent can skim a capsule summary and know exactly what he or she is getting. [Read more...]

Documentary Double Feature: “To Be Takei” and “The Pleasures of Being Out of Step”

George Takei, smiling as (almost) always, in "To Be Takei"

These two documentaries, now available for home viewing, offer interesting profiles of Nat Hentoff and George Takei, two American icons who effectively blend their involvement in the worlds of entertainment and civil rights activism. [Read more...]