Hollidaysburg (Martemucci, 2014)


Hollidaysburg did make me want to see her competitor’s film, so Martemucci did will by the series. It also made me want to see what she could do if she got to choose her own material, so she did fine by herself, too. [Read more...]

Dolphin Tale 2 (Smith, 2014)

dolphin tale 2

Okay, I admit that Dolphin Tale 2 is probably not the kind of movie I would have screened in a theater if the film’s publicity unit hadn’t twisted my arm a little. But you know what? I’m kind of glad they did. [Read more...]

Blake Rayne Interview: Identical Star Discusses Learning from a Pro


Blake Rayne says film acting was “always on my bucket list of things” but that without the connections or time to pursue it, he wasn’t sure it would ever happen. The story of how he was cast in the double role of Ryan Wade/Drexel Hemsley is, in a way, as archetypal as the one The [Read More...]

Starred Up (Mackenzie, 2013)


The words “violent” or “gritty” and “prison drama” give me pause when used in the same sentence. [Read more...]

Snowpiercer vs. The Giver


I wouldn’t begrudge anyone who thinks the films Snowpiercer and The Giver have as much in common as an elephant and a plum, but I have been thinking about the two in conjunction recently. [Read more...]

When the Game Stands Tall (Carter, 2014)


For all of the rightful emphasis placed on the way contemporary society pressures and damages young women by placing ridiculous and unhealthy expectations on them, we may be even more uncomfortable looking at how cultural stereotypes can hurt boys trying to become men. [Read more...]