Starred Up (Mackenzie, 2013)


The words “violent” or “gritty” and “prison drama” give me pause when used in the same sentence. [Read more...]

Dream Deceivers: The Story Behind James Vance vs. Judas Priest (Taylor, 1992)


Dream Deceivers stops short of insisting on an explicit connection between Mrs. Vance’s religion and her willingness to blame heavy metal music for her family’s dysfunction. But only just. [Read more...]

The Maid’s Room (Walker, 2013)


Despite the many second act flaws, the film is not without merit. The opening act is very strong, the four leads dig into their characters with relish, and Arturo Rogriguez composed an effective, atmospheric score. [Read more...]

Levitated Mass (Pray, 2013)


Levitated Mass is one of those delightful, obscure but unheralded documentaries that always seems to congregate around my the bottom of my list of annual favorites. [Read more...]

Wet Behind the Ears (Copeland, 2013)


Like its protagonist, Wet Behind the Ears is unpolished but still willing to work for our approval. The characters do acknowledge how difficult it is to be (young and) unemployed, but the film doesn’t wrap those acknowledgements in a most-put-upon-generation entitlement blanket. [Read more...]

Heaven is for Real


1More Film Blog is giving away a free DVD of Heaven is For Real to one lucky reader. [Read more...]