Breathe (Laurent, 2015)

Friendships are often an incalculable mix of ecstasy and disillusionment. [Read more…]

The Looking Glass (Hancock, 2015)

I hate to use the word “sweet” when describing a film. There’s no way to make it not sound like a backhanded compliment. [Read more…]

In Jackson Heights (Wiseman, 2015)

A modern masterpiece of quotidian urgency. [Read more…]

The Big Short (McKay, 2015)

The Big Short is about people who got rich by short-selling credit default swaps–people who made obscene amounts of money by being able to accurately predict the suffering of others. That they themselves were not the root cause of the suffering makes it possible for us as viewers to not hate them; it doesn’t necessarily keep them–or Baum at least–from hating themselves. [Read more…]

Big Eden (Bezucha, 2000)

Maybe our neighbors are more like us than we know. [Read more…]

My All American (Pizzo, 2015)

I’m not giving Freddie Steinmark a “C.” I’m giving the movie about his life and death a “C.” [Read more…]