Big Eden (Bezucha, 2000)

big eden 3

Maybe our neighbors are more like us than we know. [Read more...]

Harold and Lillian: A Hollywood Love Story (Raim, 2015)

Harold and Lillian 1

One of the truly educational things about Raim’s films is that they help document how movies actually get made; they help those of us who watch films appreciate them more by understanding how they are (or were, or are sometimes) assembled. [Read more...]

My All American (Pizzo, 2015)

My All American 13

I’m not giving Freddie Steinmark a “C.” I’m giving the movie about his life and death a “C.” [Read more...]

Arts & Faith Ecumenical Jury Nominee — Stations of the Cross (Brüggemann, 2015)

Stations of the Cross

Jesus Camp meets Breaking the Waves. [Read more...]

Sex, Death and Bowling (Walker, 2015)

Sex Death and Bowling

Adrian Grenier almost always charms in charming movies. [Read more...]

The Ballet Boys (Elvebakk, 2015)

Ballet Boys

The Ballet Boys (★★½) doesn’t quite hold our attention as strongly as First Position, but it should nevertheless please its target audience. The film focuses on the high-school experiences of three aspiring dancers training in Norway. Lukas is introduced first. His parents tell us he often doesn’t get home before nine o’clock. One of the [Read More...]