Hoovey (McNamara, 2015)


Hoovey is the sort of film about which a youth pastor or sleep-over-host parent can skim a capsule summary and know exactly what he or she is getting. [Read more...]

Still Life (Pasolini, 2013)


May, played by British actor Eddie Marsan, is a curious character and Still Life is a curious film. [Read more...]

Like Sunday, Like Rain (Whaley, 2014)


The unusual chemistry between them is passable, if again, not very remarkable. [Read more...]

Christian Mingle (Bernsen, 2014)


The film that writer/director Corbin Bernsen name checks in his video introduction is Sleepless in Seattle. My philosophy is that you respect a film most, Christian or otherwise, by approaching it on its own terms. Based on that philosophy, Christian Mingle is first and foremost a Romantic Comedy and only secondarily a Christian film. [Read more...]

Human Capital (Virzi, 2013)

HC 3 - Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi  Fabrizio Gifuni

Human Capital (“Il capitale umano”) is a cross between Crash and Edith Wharton’s The House of Mirth. [Read more...]

My 15 Favorite Films of 2014

Toni Servillo as Jep, in "The Great Beauty"

No doubt I’m far from the only person who skips the intros to these lists and heads directly for the meaty content, so I’ll keep my introduction succinct and just make three quick points. [Read more...]