Snowpiercer vs. The Giver


I wouldn’t begrudge anyone who thinks the films Snowpiercer and The Giver have as much in common as an elephant and a plum, but I have been thinking about the two in conjunction recently. [Read more...]

The Most Neglected Verse in Christian Culture Wars…


I don’t think I’m holier than anyone who watches what I don’t. [Read more...]

Revisiting Rohmer’s Six Moral Tales–Suzanne’s Career


For all of Rohmer’s honesty about the emotional cowardice of (young) men, these films stop short of simply man-bashing. [Read more...]

Masters of Sex — Three Ways the Showtime Series Surprised Me By Being Good


Showtime’s serial adaptation of Thomas Maier’s biography, Masters of Sex, launches its second season on July 13. Would it surprise you to hear that the series has supplanted Game of Thrones and The Good Wife as Sunday night’s “we’ll watch it live and DVR the rest” TV? That it did so certainly surprised me. [Read more...]

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Five Novels That May Be Unfilmable–and the Artists We Would Like to See Try


There are more movies each year and hence the need for stories has never been greater. Technological advances have helped create special effects that would appear to make our imaginations the only limit to what could appear on screen. It’s probably the case that no novel is truly unfilmable, so Hollywood may get to these eventually. I’m just not holding my breath. [Read more...]

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Troy (Petersen, 2004) — 10 Years Later: Part III


Think for a moment. How interesting is it that the Iliad is one of the most famous and inspiring stories in the history of the world? (As legend has it, Alexander the Great always kept copy of the Iliad under his pillow.) I bet this seems strange to many of us now, living with our modern ideas of morality, with our culture’s sensitivity to individual “natural rights,” with our entertainment’s cardboard cutout characters who are designed to be identified with, sympathized with, copied, emulated, worshipped, cheered for, etc. It is quite true that the Iliad does not possess our modern sensibilities, whether in politics or in entertainment. [Read more...]

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