Harold and Lillian: A Hollywood Love Story (Raim, 2015)

Harold and Lillian 1

One of the truly educational things about Raim’s films is that they help document how movies actually get made; they help those of us who watch films appreciate them more by understanding how they are (or were, or are sometimes) assembled. [Read more...]

Feel “Better” Movies — What to Watch When the News is Bleak

Feel Better Films

Here are five films that make me feel better when I’m feeling bad about…everything else. [Read more...]

Arts & Faith Ecumenical Jury Nominee — Spotlight (McCarthy, 2015)


Director Tom McCarthy delivers a somber, sobering film which denies any character (or the viewer) the feeling of moral superiority. [Read more...]

My All American (Pizzo, 2015)

My All American 13

I’m not giving Freddie Steinmark a “C.” I’m giving the movie about his life and death a “C.” [Read more...]

Spectre (Mendes, 2015)


Spectre (★★★) starts strong, overstays its welcome, overshoots its marks, and ends up a big mess. There is enough good here to make it enjoyable, especially if you like these sorts of movies. But the film doesn’t quite live up to the the rabid anticipation it seems to have succeeded in building. [Read more...]

Sex, Death and Bowling (Walker, 2015)

Sex Death and Bowling

Adrian Grenier almost always charms in charming movies. [Read more...]