Batman Begins (Nolan, 2005) — Ten Years Later


So the question becomes: how does Batman Begins hold up in a post-Avengers world? [Read more...]

Eat With Me (Au, 2014)

Photo Courtesy of Wolfe Video

Mom moves in with gay son and they cook dumplings. [Read more...]

Homeless (Hassler, 2015)

Homeless 12 300dpi

If the quickest metric of a directorial debut is to which films it invites comparison, the news about Clay Hassler’s Homeless is very, very good. [Read more...]

Because I Was a Painter (Cognet, 2014)


In contemplating art by concentration camp survivors, this austere yet affecting documentary offers a novel contribution to our understanding of the Holocaust. [Read more...]

24 Days (Arcady, 2014)


A terrifying kidnapping for ransom raises fears about renewed anti-Semitism. [Read more...]

In Country (Attie and O’Hara, 2014)

Vinh Nguyen, a former ARVN (Army of the Republic of Vietnam) soldier, now a war reenactor

War reenactment…huh…yeah…what is it good for? “Possibly something,” is the reply emanating from this documentary tracking a group of Vietnam War reenactors in Oregon. [Read more...]