I Am Big Bird: The Caroll Spinney Story (LaMattina, 2014)


Spinney realizes the similarities between himself and Big Bird, and acknowledges the influence that the show and the character have had on his life. [Read more...]

An Open Secret (Berg, 2014)


Billed as “The Film Hollywood Doesn’t Want You to See,” Amy Berg’s documentary claims the practice of child molestation in the entertainment industry is pervasive. [Read more...]

Where Was God? (Palmer, 2014)


We call natural disasters “Acts of God,” but we struggle to square them with our providential worldview. [Read more...]

Our Man in Tehran (Taylor and Weinstein, 2013)

Ambassador Ken Taylor--the titular Our Man in Tehran.

The remarkable thing about Our Man in Tehran is its ability (much like Rory Kennedy’s Last Days in Vietnam which also played at the festival) to take a complex situation and distill it without being reductive. [Read more...]

Misery Loves Comedy (Pollak, 2015)

Jimmy Fallon in Misery Loves Comedy.

The relationship between suffering and comedy is hardly an unexamined one. Think for a moment: what do we mean by comic “relief”? Relief from what? [Read more...]

Mad Max: Fury Road (Miller, 2015)


Fury Road has set a high bar for action films: fully realized world, fully fleshed out characters, fantastic performances, and breathtaking visuals, all going full steam ahead without wearing the audience out [Read more...]