1,000 Times Good Night (Poppe, 2013)


It’s been a good film year for fans of Juliette Binoche. [Read more...]

Gotham Episode 1.5 Recap: Viper


Does the show need fixing? Or is it good enough? Was Venom a step forward, a step back, or just another step in place? [Read more...]

Starring Adam West (Tooley, 2013)


The film is a work of love for both producers and for West’s family members, all of whom shared in his success as he gained his star and the recognition they felt he deserved. [Read more...]

Gotham Episode 1.4 Recap: Arkham


As much as Gotham City is changing and the power players are making their plays, a young boy is grieving the death of his parents and also changing into a person who hates what the city is, hates injustice and is trying to figure out what can be done about it all. [Read more...]

Still the Water (Kawase, 2014)


In a film filled with contrasts, finding quiet by traveling into the eye of the storm is a central paradox. [Read more...]

Rose McGowan’s Dawn and the Problem of Short Films


We get thirty minutes of commercials before the previews start at the cinema. Would it be too much to ask for a short film every now and then? I know one pretty good one; I’ll bet there are others where this came from. [Read more...]