Bishop James D. Conley explains the injustice of our Immigration system

That injustice has tragic consequences in the lives of real families, who reflect the image of the Trinity. [Read more…]

A Catholic Spring or a Catholic Springtime? You Choose.

In the end, you contribute to whether we experience a Catholic Spring or a Catholic Springtime. Will the Church be rocked or restored by your actions? [Read more…]

Choosing Not to Choose: On Culpability for Corruption

Remember, there is only an obligation to use all reasonable moral means to stop an evil and sometimes there are no such means. Yet people feel pressured to have to do something, anything. That is a trick of Satan.
[Read more…]

Another Police Shooting: Who’s to Blame? Maybe Me.

You and I didn’t shoot somebody last weekend, but we may well have contributed to structures of sin that result in situations like this. [Read more…]

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Oh Be Careful Little Eyes – A Review of the Little Prince

Our family of 8 piled onto the couch for a much anticipated movie night. We eagerly launched Netflix and selected their critically acclaimed adaptation of the beloved children’s book “The Little Prince.” I quickly began to regret that we had not screened the film first. [Read more…]

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Consoling the Victim, You’re Doing It Wrong!

Victims are often stripped of their voice. Because of fear or shame or people who won’t listen. It’s important to allow them to speak about their experiences, on their own terms, without projecting our own assumptions onto them. [Read more…]