Bishop Eusebio Elizondo, M.Sp.S. on the Travel ‘Ban’ and Immigration

Bishop Eusebio Elizondo talks about the Catholic perspective on Immigration on this week’s Outside the Walls. [Read more…]

When You’re at a Spiritual Standstill: How to Read Your Way to Heaven

This was the book I had been looking for since I first converted. [Read more…]

A Novena for Parents who have Lost a Child

There is nothing we can say that will make things easier for a parent who lost a child; but perhaps there is something we can pray. [Read more…]

When the Devil turned round on you, where would you hide? Fr. Pavone’s deal with the Devil.

But a Catholic Priest took the naked body of an aborted baby and placed him or her in the middle of an altar which has been consecrated and reserved for worship alone, and he used this image to shill for a political candidate of extremely questionable morals on the eve of the election. He desecrated the altar. He denied the dignity of the dead. He dishonored his office. [Read more…]

My Seven Favorite Episodes of Outside the Walls

It’s been a slow blogging week, with three of my six kids on their sickbeds, so I’ve decided to give you my seven favorite episodes of Outside The Walls. It should only take you seven hours to get through. [Read more…]

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The Importance of Being Present: The Lessons of Mother Teresa

Canonized Saints are a gift to us from the Church. These flawed human beings show us the depths of God’s grace, and the transformative power of the Holy Spirit, who isn’t content to just forgive our sins, or overlook our faults, but who is determined to complete the work of holiness in us! [Read more…]

On Outside the Walls: Rebecca Bratten Weiss on Not Unfriending.

Tomorrow on Outside The Walls, we’ll talk with Rebecca Bratten Weiss about how and why she avoids unfriending. Listen on the Breadbox Media app at 4pm Eastern. [Read more…]

A Question of Female Deacons: Let’s Not Get Ahead of the Church.

Boy howdy, has this been an interesting topic. It is easy to get caught up in the emotion of the argument and not take the time to take a step back and examine what is really going on. But let’s do just that. Let’s take a step back and take a look. [Read more…]

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Forming Your Conscience: It’s Annoying as Hell.

This week, on Outside the Walls, I’m going to talk with fellow Patheos blogger, Sam Rocha, about what steps we can take to form our consciences as we prepare ourselves to vote. It promises to be a riveting conversation. We’ll address both how to form our consciences overall, and with respect to the current election cycle. [Read more…]

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Apostolic Succession on Display

I had the great pleasure of attending the Rite of Episcopal Ordination for the Most Reverend David Konderla, the fourth Bishop of Tulsa. Over the course of the day, I conducted several “Instagram Interviews.” I share them with you here. [Read more…]