Bishop Eusebio Elizondo, M.Sp.S. on the Travel ‘Ban’ and Immigration

Bishop Eusebio Elizondo talks about the Catholic perspective on Immigration on this week’s Outside the Walls. [Read more…]

A Catholic Spring or a Catholic Springtime? You Choose.

In the end, you contribute to whether we experience a Catholic Spring or a Catholic Springtime. Will the Church be rocked or restored by your actions? [Read more…]

A Novena for Parents who have Lost a Child

There is nothing we can say that will make things easier for a parent who lost a child; but perhaps there is something we can pray. [Read more…]

To Sam: A Letter on Letters. ‘Love, Henri’ and other gems.

There’s something about letters that you just can’t get from a book. When putting pen to paper in a letter, there is a level of rapport that allows for instant intimacy. There is a vulnerability to letters that is refreshing. [Read more…]

I Have a Confession to Make

Shortly after my conversion, a social-media acquaintance of mine asked me to explain the Sacrament of Confession. I practically put together a syllabus for a semester-long lecture series. Tonight, As I stood in line for confession, I realized that I had tried to give a lecture instead of an answer. [Read more…]

Apostolic Succession on Display

I had the great pleasure of attending the Rite of Episcopal Ordination for the Most Reverend David Konderla, the fourth Bishop of Tulsa. Over the course of the day, I conducted several “Instagram Interviews.” I share them with you here. [Read more…]

Of Road Trips and Rest Stops – Vol 2.

Back in May, I wrote about one of our favorite rest stops on our long trips to and from Colorado. Here are a couple of videos I just recorded at St. Fidelis that you might find interesting. [Read more…]

Evil for Evil, Reviling for Reviling

“He hit me!” her indignant little voice exclaims. I turn my attention to the offender. “Did you hit her?” “Yes, because she bit me!” I know now that I’m going to turn my head more than a spectator at a tennis match. [Read more…]

Of Road Trips and Rest Stops

Here we are as far as we could be from my days leading the band in my protestant days. Here there is no set-list of songs to help us feel the presence of God. Here there is no effort in shedding my daily worries to open my heart up to commune with God because the candle is lit; God is present. [Read more…]