Lessons From Our First Ambulance Ride: Gratitude and Empathy

He was breathing, but they were very small breaths in and nothing out. In less than 20 seconds He began to turn blue. Something was wrong. [Read more…]

The Importance of Being Present: The Lessons of Mother Teresa

Canonized Saints are a gift to us from the Church. These flawed human beings show us the depths of God’s grace, and the transformative power of the Holy Spirit, who isn’t content to just forgive our sins, or overlook our faults, but who is determined to complete the work of holiness in us! [Read more…]

It’s My Birthday: Share the Love!

It’s my Birthday! We’ve experienced one transition after another. We’ve left our friends and career in Tulsa. Then we left our new friends in Texas. We’ve experienced uncertainty and grief in extreme measure. But My wife and I and our six kids are going to celebrate nonetheless! [Read more…]

The Sea of Grief and the Ship of Belief

You never really get over the loss of a child. The grief doesn’t ever work itself out; it just hibernates for a while. And it only takes one misstep from someone who doesn’t understand, some transgression from a friend of family member, to plunge you back into the depths of that sorrow. Tonight, I had to explain to my children why their dad was shouting words-that-they’ve-never-heard-in-their-short-little-lives during nap time. [Read more…]