A Catholic Spring or a Catholic Springtime? You Choose.

In the end, you contribute to whether we experience a Catholic Spring or a Catholic Springtime. Will the Church be rocked or restored by your actions? [Read more…]

My Seven Favorite Episodes of Outside the Walls

It’s been a slow blogging week, with three of my six kids on their sickbeds, so I’ve decided to give you my seven favorite episodes of Outside The Walls. It should only take you seven hours to get through. [Read more…]

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A Majority of Marriages are Invalid? Let’s Talk About It.

You can’t enter an intimate, exclusive, indissoluble union if you are already in an intimate, exclusive, indissoluble union. But we also understand that not every union out there meets the criteria of what we call a marriage. [Read more…]

Synergy, vol. 2

Scott Eric Alt joins me tomorrow on my radio show, Outside The Walls, to talk about the power of perspective, and how our experience shapes the way we view the world.
Tune in via the Breadbox Media App or Live Stream tomorrow at 4:00 PM Eastern as Scott Eric Alt and I explore the difference between perspective informing our view and preconception distorting our view! [Read more…]