Bishop Eusebio Elizondo, M.Sp.S. on the Travel ‘Ban’ and Immigration

Bishop Eusebio Elizondo talks about the Catholic perspective on Immigration on this week’s Outside the Walls. [Read more…]

Forming Your Conscience: It’s Annoying as Hell.

This week, on Outside the Walls, I’m going to talk with fellow Patheos blogger, Sam Rocha, about what steps we can take to form our consciences as we prepare ourselves to vote. It promises to be a riveting conversation. We’ll address both how to form our consciences overall, and with respect to the current election cycle. [Read more…]

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A Majority of Marriages are Invalid? Let’s Talk About It.

You can’t enter an intimate, exclusive, indissoluble union if you are already in an intimate, exclusive, indissoluble union. But we also understand that not every union out there meets the criteria of what we call a marriage. [Read more…]

Forgiveness doesn’t Preclude Justice.

We must forgive. In fact, in the Lord’s Prayer our own forgiveness is tied to how well we forgive: “Forgive us our trespasses as [in the same way] we forgive those who trespass against us.”

But too often we conflate forgiveness with mercy, passivity, and reconciliation. [Read more…]

Evil for Evil, Reviling for Reviling

“He hit me!” her indignant little voice exclaims. I turn my attention to the offender. “Did you hit her?” “Yes, because she bit me!” I know now that I’m going to turn my head more than a spectator at a tennis match. [Read more…]

Of Watchers and Witnesses

So, gentle reader, how do you avoid the trap of demonizing your opponent and letting all hellfire loose upon their inane, inferior argument (for the spiritual safety of others who might be led astray by their malevolent attempt to twist doctrine and decency for their own gain… of course)? Remember the three R’s. [Read more…]

Of Bootstraps and Brotherhood

We are all connected, this is the basis of the principle of solidarity. We are brothers. We are family. And we cannot only be concerned for our tribe. We must recognize the face of our father in the faces of the poor, the oppressed, the depressed, and the isolated. We must do everything within our power to relieve the suffering of the afflicted. How this is accomplished, we may not agree, but we cannot pretend that it is not each of our personal responsibility to care for our suffering brother. [Read more…]