A Novena for Parents who have Lost a Child

There is nothing we can say that will make things easier for a parent who lost a child; but perhaps there is something we can pray. [Read more…]

Lessons From Our First Ambulance Ride: Gratitude and Empathy

He was breathing, but they were very small breaths in and nothing out. In less than 20 seconds He began to turn blue. Something was wrong. [Read more…]

See It All Around You, Good Lovin’ Gone Bad

You can participate in this corporal work of mercy by helping this couple salvage their marriage. [Read more…]

Evil for Evil, Reviling for Reviling

“He hit me!” her indignant little voice exclaims. I turn my attention to the offender. “Did you hit her?” “Yes, because she bit me!” I know now that I’m going to turn my head more than a spectator at a tennis match. [Read more…]

The Sea of Grief and the Ship of Belief

You never really get over the loss of a child. The grief doesn’t ever work itself out; it just hibernates for a while. And it only takes one misstep from someone who doesn’t understand, some transgression from a friend of family member, to plunge you back into the depths of that sorrow. Tonight, I had to explain to my children why their dad was shouting words-that-they’ve-never-heard-in-their-short-little-lives during nap time. [Read more…]