3 Keys to Unlock Your Spiritual Millionaire Mindset

We’ve all heard about “that special mindset for success” often coined as the Millionaire Mindset, but does it really exist and can anyone, even the spiritual seekers,  access and develop it or must you be super-smart along with being super-rich? These are questions often asked but seldom answered. This Kat Kanavos Show VIDEO will go [Read More…]

Because You Asked! The Three Wives of Donald the Trump.

What do the Tarot Cards tell us about the three wives of Donald Trump and possibly by association, about his life as well? You asked us on YouTube so we are answering in this 7 minute VIDEO on the Rachel Love Show. CLICK LINK TO WATCH https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6VdJvQXrTJM The shot heard around the world, and still [Read More…]

Have You Seen the Forest People? They See You! (VIDEO)

  Who are the Forest People and have you ever seen or felt them watching you as you hiked the woods, or walked your dog in the quiet morning hours? How many times has your dog stared at a spot next to a bush or pulled on its leash to sniff something you could not [Read More…]