Today I am honored to present Peter Canova as a guest blogger with his article POPE ANNALISA AND WORLD EVENTS. During the decade of  its writing, Pope Annalisa predicted a number of geo-political events years prior to their occurring. The original draft registered with the Writer’s Guild had a story line concerning a second Iraq war [Read More...]

Part II- Discovery & Voices

Three days later, I returned to Dr. Wagner, who had already scheduled me for another mammogram and blood test. “Go home. I’ll call you with the results,” he promised. Almost one month later, on my forty-fifth birthday, I receive two questionable gifts; another cancer-free mammogram and “Happy Birthday” sung solo to me over the telephone [Read More...]


“What a wonderful life I’ve had!  I only wish I’d realized it sooner.” Colette (1837-1954)   Affirmation ♥~ Loving myself heals my life.   A deadly storm brewed as I reclined against Peter’s chest during our ritualistic nightly bath.  As I massaged him, he lathered my body with fragrant bubbles. The tranquility within our bathroom [Read More...]