Your Wildest Dreams Revealed Series #7: The Most Common Dreams

  You have sent me many dream questions and I’ve been waiting for a rainy day to answer them. Well, it’s raining. So, I’ve shut off my cell phone and hung the Do Not Disturb sign I “permanently borrowed” from a hotel room on my door. In order to answer them all, I’ve created a [Read More…]

Writing with Bungee Cords: A Technique for Authors

  I really slept in late this morning. By late, I mean well past 12:00–noon. But then, I was up well past 2:oo am finishing two more chapters in my book. Many twos and wells there. Synchronicity? Maybe a message from Inner-guidance?  Once I am writing “in the zone” it’s difficult to break my concentration and stop typing.  “Leave the rest for tomorrow,” is not [Read More…]

Akashic Records and iCloud: Your Soul’s Download? (AUDIO)

  The ancient Akashic Records and modern iCloud may have more in common than you ever imagined. As we progress deeper into the realm of storing invisible energy in the form of cyber downloads from our computers, smart-phones and other internet related devices are we tapping into a realm on the earth plane that runs [Read More…]