Duct Tape Won’t Fix What?…. A Child! The Toll of Illness. (AUDIO) 

It is my honor to introduce you to my guest blogger Gregg Durette, radio show host, financial advisor and blogger. Learn more about Gregg at the bottom of this blog.   Everyone knows about the serious financial hardship that typically follows a major diagnosis such as cancer or a heart attack. What many people don’t [Read More…]

No Storm Lasts Forever for Dr. Terry Gordon (AUDIO/VIDEO)

  “The difficult days we experience can become the driving force of change. Rather than lamenting adversity, we can choose to be grateful for it. We can embrace and accept it as a gift from the Divine. Within these gifts are the lessons that can promote our development and maturation. By being grateful for adversity, [Read More…]

Your Upgraded Brain Talking Sex, Energy, Diet and Lifestyle

Is There a Fountain of Youth for Your Brain? Are we destined to just slide downhill at the mercy of our decaying bodies as we age-suffering low energy, diminished cognitive abilities and memory, distracted focus, reduced sex drive and even depression? Or do we have a choice? These questions and more are answered during the Kathleen [Read More…]