What Is A Confused-Waking: 3 Life Events That Cause Them (Part 1)

  Have you ever awakened from a deep sleep confused?  Rather than shutting off the alarm clock did you grab your phone and start taking to the dial tone? You may have experienced a sleep disorder known as Confused Waking, a result of the Theta Dream Level gone awry.     Confused-waking is often the [Read More…]

3 Ways to Say “Thanks!” to Your Spirit Guides

  When talking about their inner guides, dreamers may choose various names in accordance with personal background and experience.  Dreamers may speak extensively about their inner-guidance, but have they remembered to give a sign of gratitude? And why is this important.   Giving thanks to your spirit guide for information shared in dreams, prayers and meditations [Read More…]

Surviving Cancer & Depression: 4 Steps to Success (Part 2)

In part one of this article Depression is Deadlier than CANCER?: 7 Ways to Survive Treatment, we explored depression and cancer.     The recent suicide of actor Robin Williams has brought life and death associated with depression into our hearts and homes. It has deeply touched our lives and left us with many unanswered [Read More…]