8 Basic Steps of Dream Re-entry

   Why would you ever want to re-enter a bad dream or nightmare? Don’t we prefer to forget what is not peasant? One of the important reasons to re-enter a dream is to allow the relatonships in your dream to grow and develp in a positive manner.  Our nightmares can be a blessing in disguise and [Read More…]

4 Benefits to Re-entering Your Dream

   How well do you know your Inner-guides or your spirit Guides in dreams?    Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos and Tallulah Lyons are in constant contact with their spirit guides. They combined their personal experiences and shared on the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD) online Symposium. The goal of this symposium is to share [Read More…]

 What Is “Confused Waking”:  The Sleep Brain Waves That Cause Them  (Part 2)

  Have you ever awakened from a deep sleep confused?  Rather than shutting off the alarm clock did you grab your phone and start taking to the dial tone? You may have experienced a sleep disorder known as Confused Waking, a result of the Theta Dream Level gone awry.   Confused waking happens to patients [Read More…]