Life Is A Game of Cards: What’s In Your Hand?

Life is a Game of Cards: What’s In Your Hand? Part 2 of the BLOG from the Radio Show: Tarot cards were originally used to play a card game that was very similar to bridge. As with the Tarot cards today, 21 of the special cards served as permanent trumps. These could be played [Read More...]

Writing SURVIVING RECURRENCE with a Bungee Cord

I really slept late this morning. By late, I mean well past 12:00–noon. I was up well past 2:00am finishing two more chapters in my second  book, SURVIVING RECURRENCE. (Many 2s and wells there. Synchronicity?) Once I am “in the zone” it’s difficult to break my concentration and stop typing.   “Leave the rest for [Read More...]

Remember When…

Remember when we did not have the luxury of automatic washing machines that spun clothes dry, clothes driers that removed wrinkles to decrease ironing and dishwashers that dried dishes spotless and had garbage disposals in them so that rinsing was unnecessary? For that matter, remember when Mom was the dishwasher and you were the spotless [Read More...]