Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? Dining with the Dead! (Part 1)

    Have you ever attended a Dumb Supper on All Hallow’s Eve where you served the dead? We understand the concept of death as spirit leaving the body. But, what about the idea of spirits returning for dinner?  Our love for the deceased is shown by talking to them in their burial place, lighting [Read More...]

The 3 Pillars and 2 Ways YOU Can Use DreamWork

Something special is happening during Breast Cancer Awareness month, for YOU!    I will share the work of esteemed guest bloggers and friends like Dr. Bernie Siegel, Dr. Larry Burk of the International Society of the Study of Dreams and Dream Diagnosis of Cancer, David Dibble of DreamWorks & the Panacea Community, and many more. [Read More...]

20 Pearls of Wisdom for a Stress Free Life: Wear Your Pearls with Pride!

As I was going through my e-amils I came across one sent to me by my sister-in law concerning stress. It caught my eye, touched my heart and then made me laugh- a rarity when dealing with STRESS. But the pearls of wisdom contained in this amusing little story were too important to delete. Have [Read More...]