How to Re-enter Your Sacred Dream Doors

“Nothing happens to a man, good or ill, before he has beheld some intimation of it in a dream.” – The Talmud Have you ever passed through the Sacred Doorways of Dreams and met Your Spirit Guides or Guardian Angels? Your personal dream language can be confusing. You may feel much like Alice in Wonderland from [Read More…]

VIDEO- Parkinson’s Disease Gifted Me with Photography

What makes winning the Gold Award in Nautilus Books so important to Robert Flatt? It is a vindication of sorts concerning a lifetime pursuit to become an English major, and later a photographer, which was much harder than it sounds, because Rober has a special gift: Parkinson’s Disease. And, his gift helped him win the [Read More…]

Women: Are You A Design by the Divine?

“To respect a woman is to embrace the Divine. And, to embrace a woman is to respect the Divine.”~ Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos, author. My guest writer this week is Teresa Salhi who shares her empowering thoughts on the powerful and divine spiritual place women hold in the family, community, and Universe. Women are a design by [Read More…]