Writing with Bungee Cords: A Technique for Authors

  I really slept in late this morning. By late, I mean well past 12:00–noon. But then, I was up well past 2:oo am finishing two more chapters in my book. Many twos and wells there. Synchronicity? Maybe a message from Inner-guidance?  Once I am writing “in the zone” it’s difficult to break my concentration and stop typing.  “Leave the rest for tomorrow,” is not [Read More…]

An RSVP From Heaven For Me?

Have You Ever Received An RSVP From Heaven? We’ve heard, “You’ve Got Mail”, but what about, “You’ve got an RSVP from Heaven”? Since there is no “ping” coming from your computer or smart-phone, how would you even know, if you did get one? Communication comes in many forms from many places and can show up [Read More…]

7 Lessons to Survive Your Crisis–A Blessing in Disguise!

    Have you ever had a gut instinct that disagreed with scientific facts, and then found that you were correct and the facts wrong? You have inner guidance.   Cancer is humbling.  Like any life crisis, it is guaranteed to knock you down with its series of emotional and physical trauma, beginning with discovery [Read More…]