Mysteries of the World: Divine Feminine (Part 5 of 5) VLOG

“You know,” he said softly, “if there is a God, God is a woman.” ~Erin O’Riordan The Divine Feminine is a lost part of Divine History. But, it has recently resurfaced and returned to consciousness on a worldwide-level, as often seen on news channels and in movies; the strong female, with Divine-guidance often imparted in [Read More…]

Gratitude: Your Mind-Set Game-Changer

“There is nothing more life changing than gratitude. This I know for sure.” ~Oprah Winfrey Nightmares are blessings in disguise, and a call to action from our Inner-guidance which is a gift from God.I immediately gave thanks for the Divine intervention. And, that brings me back to here and now, at the hospital —pissed off [Read More…]

Your Spiritual Millionaire Mindset: More SUPER EASY Social Networking for Big Success (Part 5)

8 Ways to Tie Your Work Together to Cook up Success. (Part 5 of a 6 part interactive series on success.) In part 1 of this 4 part article series on success explored how we often make career New Year Resolutions for success that are almost impossible to fulfil. One reason they fail is because [Read More…]