A Tale of Two Whites: Guess Which One is Racist

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There’s an old rule that states never wear white after Labor Day. But there’s a new rule: Never wear white if you’re a Republican because that means you’re a racist.

If that sounds complicated, well, that’s because it is… unless you’re the Philadelphia Inquirer’s fashion critic, Elizabeth Wellington, then it makes all the sense in the world.

Take for instance Melania Trump, the new Grand Wizard of the KKK, whose white dress worn during her Republican National Convention speech glistened brighter than a burning cross, at least according to Elizabeth. To this black fashion critic, the only accessory missing from Melania’s ensemble was a Swarovski crystal-encrusted hood.

Now, she did think Melania looked beautiful, lovely, and maybe one other positive adjective, but mostly, she looked “scary.” Here’s what she wrote about the Grand Dragon lady:

Melania Trump looked absolutely stunning… And that dress. The off-white Roksanda cotton and satin long-sleeved sheath was just lovely…

So while Trump appeared flawless on the Cleveland stage Monday night, whether she intended it or not, her all-white ensemble displayed the kind of foreignness that is accepted by her husband’s political party. To many, that outfit could be another reminder that in the G.O.P. white is always right…

On Monday night, Melania Trump was a not-so-subliminal billboard for what’s looking like the Trumpian view of an ideal America. And if that’s the fashion statement she intended to make, it’s a very scary one.

The KKK reference doesn’t seem so off the mark, now does it?

But there’s an addendum to her rule that makes this even more maddening: If you’re a Democrat, feel free to wear white proudly all year long because it will embody the purity and hopefulness that can only be found on this side of the political spectrum.

Click CONTINUE to see what ol’ Lizzie had to say about Hillary Clinton, who also wore white during her speech. But hang on tight, because your mind is about to be blown!

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  • Justen Ortloff

    The mind numbing world of the liberal black leftists..

  • Bonkhaus

    Liberalism is a mental disorder. They prove it daily. Maybe libs need special parking spots, or express lines at grocery. The ADA has to have a rule about this.

  • Larry Yeadeke

    Elizabeth Wellington is just stupid. It’s not the dress it’s the person in it. Hillary Clinton is a liar and generally a piece of sh*t. She should be wrapped in white toilet

  • Justinsatiable

    Wellington is a sick b@tch that projects her own racist thoughts and beliefs on anyone who isn’t black because it is so gauche these days! She needs a real cleansing enema to sanitize her cerebral cortex! Being associated with Billy Bob, white is not appropriate because she has been anything but pure!

  • DiscoHarvey

    No group is more racist and bigoted than black women. Fact.