Short Stack #3

I’ve been joking for years that Christianity is a stolen religion. Christians heisted it from the Jews in the middle of the night, polished off the serial numbers and changed the plates, slapped on a new coat of paint, and now they’re driving it like it was their own. --------------------- What?? You mean ... Jesus wasn’t actually a Christian?? Oh, man. If JESUS wasn’t a Christian, why should I be? … [Read more...]

Short Stack #2

Do you think Jesus’ healing hands work only when he exerts his holy will? Or just anytime he touches something? Because, man, if it’s the second one, that would suck. Say you invite Jesus over for a barbecue, and serve him up a nice juicy breast or leg off the grill — the instant he touches it, bam! You’ve got a live chicken at the party. And then what?   … [Read more...]

Short Stack

I just hope that after the fundamentalist Christians defeat evolution, they go after entomology next. I’m tired of all these bugs. --------------------- To a fundamentalist, every adventure looks like a sin. --------------------- Christians say they can’t explain the mysteries of God. Then they say scientists have to be wrong because they can’t explain every mystery of the universe. Huh? I missed something. … [Read more...]