Two New Book Reviews!

There are a couple of new reviews of my book Red Neck, Blue Collar, Atheist: Simple Thoughts About Reason, Gods & Faith up at Amazon. Being busy this month, I hadn't noticed them.I keep expecting there will be a ripping Christian reviewer show up sooner or later, so I always brace myself when I find new reviews. But ... these were pretty good. I especially liked this bit from Jim Curtis: … [Read more...]

Blue Collar Atheist: Three Posts

What follows (below, in posts time-stamped earlier than this one so they’re stacked 1, 2, 3 down the page) is two chapters of my book, Red Neck, Blue Collar, Atheist: Simple Thoughts About Reason, Gods & Faith.I’m posting this lead-in and these two chapters so you’ll have a better idea of the tone and something of the content. Yes, I’m selling them, and yes, I hope you’ll buy one.Just below is the first chapter, Introduction: Who Is This Guy? — which is of course about me, and how I came … [Read more...]

Blue Collar Atheist: Introduction — Who is this guy?

I grew up in Texas with a bunch of rodeo cowboys.I wanted to become a veterinarian, a horse doctor, but it didn’t pan out. Instead, I ended up working as a carpenter, driving a dump truck and then a soda delivery truck, being foreman of a roofing company, and a lot of other stuff in that same vein.I moved away to the mountains in the west when I was about 21 and got a job at a pack station (a ranch, sort of) on the edge of the wilderness, where I worked with horses and mules. I was also a t … [Read more...]

Blue Collar Atheist: Foreword — Saying Goodbye To Gods

My dog died.Don’t sweat it – it was more than a decade ago now, and I’m (mostly) over it.Can’t tell you how much I loved the old beast.His official name was Woodacres Ranger, and he was from a line of champion German shepherd show dogs. But I never even bothered to register him. To me, he was Ranger the Valiant Warrior, my best friend for more than 12 years, and we romped through the heart of the world together.For most of his life, we lived in California’s Eastern Sierra, in a small town … [Read more...]

Who’s Up for Burning Some Bibles?

Mulling several recent stories about burning or defacing "holy" books:So why aren't we atheists burning more Bibles? I mean, really, it would make the point that these books are non-holy, and the second point that we (and others) certainly have the freedom to do it.. … [Read more...]

From the Book: “Kind Words”

Quite a lot of what I think about when I think about atheism is non-religious morality. This is a piece that bears on the subject,a short chapter from my book. It grew out of an essay on an older blog, and it’s titled simply “Kind Words.” Like so many things, the subject has nothing at all to do with religion, but far too many people think it DOES, and find it impossible to imagine it any other way. It's obvious to me that the minute you take up believing in gods, you become less able to really u … [Read more...]