Can’t … Resist … Dazzling … Original … Nature … Song

You're gonna love this. Just relax and let it ... enter your mind. Yes, this is what foxes really sound like. … [Read more...]

Hey, Where’s Our Motorcycle Gang??

Reason Riders X

We DO want to fully engage society with the beautiful possibilities of atheism, right? I just don't see how we can do that without our own nationwide motorcycle club.                       And if you DO do this, I demand to be a charter member! Also, I'll need a motorcycle. Seriously, I think this would be a pretty cool thing to do. It could also get some serious publicity. (BTW, this … [Read more...]



I've been meme-ifying over on Facebook lately. Just little nothings I tinkered up in Photoshop, and most of them no great shakes in the graphic design department — or even in basic message. Apparently you have to click on an image, and then click on it again, in order to see any one of these full-size. The top three are the coolest. If you have time for nothing else, take a look at those.   … [Read more...]

Wikipedia Does Days: May 26


Didn't like history in school. Did. Not. It was just this droning recitation of dates and wars and such, people I didn't give a hoot about doing obscure things to each other while wearing weird clothes and armor and stuff. I don't know why it never got across to me that it was all real — real people doing real things. Probably it was all the fault of my teachers. Yeah, that must be it! Anyway, I dutifully memorized the dates and the events, and fired them back on tests, and did pretty good, … [Read more...]

Am I The Only One Who’s Noticed?

Pryce Pope

Why do you never see Pope Francis and actor Jonathan Pryce in the same room together? I swear, it's like the Catholic Church isn't even trying anymore. (Well, they look a bit alike to ME.) … [Read more...]

To Hell With It — I’m Declaring a Holiday!

Skeletor Day

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