Am I The Only One Who’s Noticed?

Pryce Pope

Why do you never see Pope Francis and actor Jonathan Pryce in the same room together?I swear, it's like the Catholic Church isn't even trying anymore.(Well, they look a bit alike to ME.) … [Read more...]

To Hell With It — I’m Declaring a Holiday!

Skeletor Day

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The Freedom of Vanished Ripples


I Carried the Stone the first time when I was 3 years old.I don’t remember it, of course, but my father was so proud he filmed it and I watched it years later. There I was, all 35 pounds of me, carrying a 10-pound Stone. I managed to carry it almost all the way across our living room before I fell with it and chipped one of my baby teeth. In the movie, my mother picked me up and inspected the broken tooth, glancing angrily at my father, but of course she stayed silent. A chipped tooth is n … [Read more...]

An Undropped Red Shoe

pope ratzi

I’m not actually supposed to be writing this.More than two years ago I signed all sorts of documents demanding strict adherence to the embargo date of the information. But since the embargo date has come and gone, and there has been no public announcement – and especially since the recent news story of the entire Vatican science team being killed in a bus crash in Argentina – I don't feel bound by those agreements.I suppose there might be some danger in this for me, either legally or via … [Read more...]

Short Stack # 20

If you’ve liked my Short Stack features, you might enjoy the new book coming out in a couple of months. I hope to have it completed and for sale by the end of May.Draft cover design to the right (click to enlarge). Note the word “draft.” I think the title is pretty much set, but I reserve the right to radically redesign the cover. I’m certainly open to input on that, by the way, so fire away if you have any criticism, suggestions or better ideasBrainDrops will roll out on Amazon in trade pape … [Read more...]

Chips Ahoy! Gadzooks! And Oh, This Poor Woman.

SHARE THIS AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!!!! THESE CHIPS ARE REAL!!! AND ALREADY BEING INJECTED INTO UNWILLING AMERICANS!!! In addition to your medical records, banking records, etc., every one of these RADIO FREQUENCY ID chips will contain a locator device, allowing government agents to know where you are every second, and listen in on your private conversations. If you say anything the government doesn't like, you can be fired from your job and never be able to work again! Chips implanted in men contain … [Read more...]