THIS Is The Future I Want

Google's "Project Glass."Don't know if the reality will live up to the hype in this video, but ... I've had dreams about something like this. I'm so getting a set of these when they come out.Also: Won't it be fun to virtually tag churches with atheist comments? So when you — or your friends subscribed to your comments — walk around town, you all get these friendly little warnings. … [Read more...]

Sad News: Greg Laden Departing

Many of you know that Greg Laden and I are good friends. He has asked me to make an announcement.I met Greg some years back at a cultural anthropology conference I was attending out of curiosity. He and I hit it off immediately, and became great friends. I loved his stories of life among the Ik, the Mountain People of northern Uganda, and he liked my stories of working with cowboys and mule packers in the mountains of California.I lost touch with him after he moved to Washington state. The … [Read more...]

The Joy of Coming Out

Several speakers at Reason Rally spoke about “coming out,” and the phrase showed up in a couple of the sketchy news stories about it.Speaking as someone who has “come out” twice, as an atheist and as – well, you know, this other thing I don't usually talk about very much because it's just not relevant to my work as an atheist blogger – I’d like to persuade you all to do it.It can be rough at first, but you will eventually realize it’s one of the best things you’ve ever done. The freedom that … [Read more...]

Daily Show: The Perils of Science

It's a video sort of day. This is just too fantastically good for every person on Earth not to see. Aasif Mandvi does the deed. … [Read more...]

Soldiers and Dogs and Love Without Gods

In honor of "Rock Beyond Belief" at Fort Bragg:   … [Read more...]

Rusted Pickup at the Senior Prom

I sort of keep this to myself, mostly, but I can't tell you how often I look around at my fellow bloggers here on FreethoughtBlogs and wonder "What the hell am I doing here? What have I ever done to deserve  to be in this company?"I even felt some of it at Reason Rally, as I watched person after person stand on the podium and say (or sing) fantastic things. When I walked around the corner that morning and first saw the Rally, I threw up my arms and said "My People!" I even know some of the … [Read more...]