Abstinence key to avoiding sex disease

This one slipped me by. In an age where the ‘Day of Purity’ can be seen as bigotted, is it a surprise that a report that statesAbstinence is the key to avoiding sex disease and questions the efficacy of condoms in preventing HPV is it any surprise?

A quote from the politically correct lobby-“‘The word ‘purity’ in this context is morally self-righteous,’ said Alice Leeds, a spokeswoman for Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays. ‘It’s redefining it in their context to conform to their frankly bigoted agenda.’ ”

If keeping oneself pure to marriage is ‘frankly bigotted’ then please, call me a bigot. Perhaps we can hijack the word and change it to a positive image- kind of like the way the word ‘Gay’ has been commadeered by the homosexual lobby. Sadly ‘Gay’ can no longer mean simply ‘Happy’ as in the Flintstones cartoon of my youth which said ‘We’ll have a gay old time…’

I am all for tolerance of different positions, but surely that must extend to those of us who choose what is increasingly an ‘alternative lifestyle’- abstinence before marriage, monogamy after and purity throughout.

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